《Hong Kong Metaverse Game Co., Limited》 (hereinafter referred to as "we") provides Pineapple Breakthrough services for users (hereinafter referred to as "you") in accordance with this agreement. This Agreement is legally binding on both you and us.

一. Functions of this service

You can use this service to share photos, buy goods, and watch advertisements.

二、Scope and Limitation of Liability

  • Online Game Service Agreement
According to the "Required Terms of Online Game Service Formatting Agreement", the game platform formulates the "Online Game Service Agreement". Party A is an online game operating enterprise, and Party B is an online game user. The "Online Game Service Agreement" includes this Agreement, the Virtual Wealth Service Agreement, the User Code, the game's words and deeds supervision and punishment system, and all agreements between Party A and Party B arising from the game service process.

1. Account registration

1.1 Party B promises to register as a user of Party A with its real identity, and to ensure that the personal identification information provided is true, complete and valid, and to undertake corresponding legal responsibilities for the provided information in accordance with legal regulations and mandatory clauses.
1.2 After Party B registers as a user of Party A with its real identity, if it needs to modify the personal identification information provided, Party A shall provide the service for it in a timely and effective manner.

2. User account usage and storage

2.1 According to the mandatory clauses, Party A has the right to review whether the identity information provided by Party B for registration is true and valid, and shall actively take reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the safety and validity of the user account; Party B is obliged to keep its account properly. and password, and use their account and password correctly and securely. If any party fails to fulfill the above obligations, resulting in loss of account password, account theft, etc., which causes damage to the civil rights of Party B and others, it shall bear the legal responsibility arising therefrom.
2.2 Party B shall have the rights and responsibilities in accordance with the law for the behavior of the account held after logging in.
2.3 If Party B finds that its account or password has been illegally used or used abnormally by others, it shall promptly notify Party A according to the handling method announced by Party A, and shall have the right to notify Party A to take measures to suspend the login and use of the account.
2.4 If Party A takes measures to suspend the login and use of Party B's account according to Party B's notice, Party A has the right to require Party B to provide and verify valid personal identity information consistent with its registered identity information.
2.4.1 If Party A verifies that the personal valid identity information provided by Party B is consistent with the registered identity information, it shall take timely measures to suspend the login and use of Party B's account.
2.4.2 If Party A violates the agreement in paragraph 2.4.1 and fails to take timely measures to suspend the login and use of Party B's account, thus causing losses to Party B, it shall bear its corresponding legal responsibility.
2.4.3 If Party B does not provide its personal valid ID or the personal valid ID provided by Party B is inconsistent with the registered identity information, Party A has the right to refuse the above request of Party B, and the losses caused shall be borne by Party B.
2.5 In order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, Party A shall provide Party B with necessary assistance and support such as account registrant certificate, original registration information, etc. It is necessary to provide relevant evidence and information to relevant administrative and judicial organs.

3. Suspension and Termination of Services

3.1 If Party B has released information including but not limited to: illegal information, serious violation of social morality, and other violations of legal prohibitions, Party A has the right to immediately terminate the provision of all services to Party B upon discovery.
3.2 Party B shall abide by the "User Rules" when accepting the services of Party A and the prohibited behaviors that should be terminated by Party A in advance. Under normal circumstances, Party A shall not terminate the provision of services to Party B without permission.
3.3 If Party B provides false registration identity information, or commits acts in violation of this agreement, Party A has the right to suspend the provision of all or part of the services to Party B; if Party A takes measures to suspend, it shall notify Party B and inform Party B of the suspension period. The suspension period should be reasonable and the suspension When the period expires, Party A shall resume its services to Party B in a timely manner.
3.4 If Party A suspends or terminates the provision of part or all of the services to Party B in accordance with this Agreement, Party A shall notify Party B of the fact of the suspension or termination.

4. User Information Protection

4.1 When Party A requires Party B to provide information related to its personal identity, it shall disclose its privacy protection policy and personal information utilization policy to Party B in a clear and visible way in advance, and take necessary measures to protect the security of Party B's personal information. .
4.2 Without the permission of Party B, Party A shall not provide, disclose or share the personal identification information such as the name, personal valid ID number, contact information, etc. in the registration information of Party B to any third party, except for the following cases:
4.2.1 Party B or Party B's guardian authorizes Party A to disclose;
4.2.2 The relevant laws require Party A to disclose;
4.2.3 Judicial or administrative authorities require Party A to provide it based on legal procedures;
4.2.4 When Party A files a lawsuit or arbitration against Party B in order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests;
4.2.5 When Party B's personally identifiable information is provided at the legal request of Party B's guardian.
   New User Registration Regulations
1)Special reminder
"Pineapple Breakthrough" agrees to provide Internet-based related services (hereinafter referred to as "game services") in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the operating rules issued from time to time. In order to obtain game services, service users (hereinafter referred to as "users") shall agree to this The full terms of the agreement and follow the prompts on the page to complete the entire registration process. When the user clicks the "Agree" button during the registration process, it means that the user fully accepts all the terms under this agreement, and is willing to enjoy the rights and perform the obligations in accordance with the agreement, and use this as the basis for resolving disputes between the two parties. In order to unify with the relevant laws and regulations of the country and protect the rights and interests of both parties, Pineapple Breakthrough will update the terms of this agreement in real time. Once the "Pineapple Breakthrough" service agreement is changed, Pineapple Breakthrough will prompt the modification on the relevant page. Once the revised service agreement is published on the page, it will effectively replace the original service agreement. Before using the services provided by "Pineapple Breakthrough", the user should read this service agreement carefully. If the user does not agree with this service agreement and its modification in real time, the user has the right to voluntarily cancel the service provided by Pineapple Breakthrough.
2). Interpretation
These terms of service are the relevant rights and obligations between the user and the online game between the Pineapple Breakthrough chess and card platform (hereinafter referred to as "Pineapple Breakthrough") and its intermodal cooperation units. Therefore, please read all the contents of the terms of service carefully before registering as a user of "Pineapple Breakthrough". When you click the agree button or execute the "Pineapple Breakthrough" online game, you are deemed to agree to accept all the specifications of the terms of service and are willing to abide by them. restrained.

The online games referred to in these terms of service refer to the users who need to connect to the server through computer and other electronic devices before they can be executed. "Pineapple Breakthrough" includes but is not limited to: a separate computer program whose name or title is: "Pineapple Breakthrough" and related Written documents, picture files, videos, user manuals (specifying the installation and application methods of software programs) and manuals, trademarks, logos and any other artworks related to "Pineapple Breakthrough"; the above are collectively referred to as "Pineapple Breakthrough".

Users refer to individuals who are willing to obtain permission (account and password) to execute online games through the game channels provided by "Pineapple Breakthrough".
3). Copyright notice
All relevant copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and any other ownership rights or rights in "Pineapple Breakthrough" belong to the game center or its original licensors. Without the consent of the game center or the original licensor, any person or user shall not download, reproduce, transmit, modify, edit for any use other than the purpose of online games or any use for the purpose of profit, otherwise they shall be liable for All legal responsibilities. Any data information generated during the operation of the online game "Pineapple Breakthrough" and stored in the game center database (including but not limited to account data information, character data information, level item data information, etc., but the user's name, ID number, phone number, etc. The ownership of personal identification data information) belongs to the game center, and users have limited right to use the data information belonging to their user accounts during the normal use of the "Pineapple Breakthrough" online game in accordance with the terms of service.
4). Privacy protection
User agrees that personal privacy information refers to the user's name, personal valid ID number, contact information, IP address, email and other personal identification information in the real-name registration information, as well as the non-public content stored in the game center when the user uses the game service. Non-personal privacy information refers to the user's operating status and usage habits of "Pineapple Breakthrough" and other basic record information that is clearly and objectively reflected on the game center server and general information outside the scope of all other personal privacy information. Respecting the privacy of users' personal identifiable information is the consistent system of the game center. "Pineapple Breakthrough" will take reasonable measures to protect users' personal privacy information. Except for the reasons in the Code, Pineapple Breakthrough will not provide, disclose or share the user's name, personal valid ID number, contact information and other personal privacy to any third party other than the Pineapple Breakthrough intermodal cooperation unit without the user's consent. information, and the non-public content stored in Pineapple Breakthrough when users use game services.

5. Definition of service failure

5.1 Pineapple Breakthrough reserves the right to stop or interrupt the online game in the event of one of the following circumstances:
5.1.1 Necessary maintenance and construction for the network equipment of "Pineapple Breakthrough"
5.1.2 When a sudden network equipment failure occurs
5.1.3 When the network communication equipment used in "Pineapple Breakthrough" stops for unknown reasons and cannot provide services
5.1.4 "Pineapple Breakthrough" cannot provide online game services due to force majeure
5.2 In addition, "Pineapple Breakthrough" has the right to stop or change the contents of various services or terminate any user account, and give a 24-hour notice on the homepage of "Pineapple Breakthrough" official website. The handling of the user's violation of the user rules is not the case. In any case, the user acknowledges and agrees that Pineapple Breakthrough will not be liable for any inconvenience or damage that may arise from stopping or changing or terminating the user account.
5.3 Users should understand and agree that "Pineapple Breakthrough" may be interrupted, temporarily unavailable, delayed or partially due to the failure, malfunction, or negligence of human operation of the network system software and hardware equipment of the company itself, other third-party manufacturers or related telecom operators. The user shall not ask "Pineapple Breakthrough" to provide any compensation or compensation if the online game is stopped or interrupted due to other people's intrusion into the game center system to tamper with or falsify information.
5.4 The game value of "Pineapple Breakthrough" is set to increase the fun of the game and disappear when the game stops operating. Once the user experiences it, it will not be returned to "Pineapple Breakthrough" in any form. Due to the special nature of online games, the game values are only valid during the operation period of the game.

6. Risk Assumption and Exemption of Liability

6.1 The user acknowledges the online operation of the game software "Pineapple Breakthrough", "Pineapple Breakthrough" will do its best to protect the integrity and privacy of the user's computer system and computer data, however, the user acknowledges and agrees that "Pineapple Breakthrough" cannot provide any information on this matter. ensure.
6.2 The use of the "Pineapple Breakthrough" software is at the user's own risk, and the game center does not make any type of guarantee, including but not limited to express or implied warranties and conditions for the applicability of the "Pineapple Breakthrough" software, no viruses, negligence or technical defects. , "Pineapple Breakthrough" does not assume any responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental, special and subsequent damages and risks arising from the use or inability to use the "Pineapple Breakthrough" software under any circumstances.
6.3 The use of "Pineapple Breakthrough" software involves Internet services and may be affected by unstable factors in various links, such as force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, system instability, user location, user shutdown, illegal content information, harassment information shielding As well as the risk of service interruption or obstruction caused by any other network, technology, communication line, information security management measures, etc. that cannot meet the user's requirements, the user must understand and bear the above risks, and "Pineapple Breakthrough" does not assume any responsibility.
6.4 "Pineapple Breakthrough" shall not be liable for all losses suffered by users due to communication line failures, technical problems, computer failures, network failures, system instability, power failures and other force majeure reasons of third parties such as telecommunications departments.

7. Links

All links provided by Game Center on all pages of its "Pineapple Breakthrough" official website may link to the websites of other individuals, companies or organizations. The purpose of providing such websites is to facilitate users to search or obtain information by themselves. "Pineapple Breakthrough" For the products, services or information provided by the websites of linked individuals, companies or organizations, we do not guarantee their authenticity, completeness, timeliness or reliability, and there is no relationship between these individuals, companies or organizations and "Pineapple Breakthrough". Any employment, appointment, agency, partnership or other similar relationship.

8. Damages

If the user violates the terms of service or related laws, resulting in damages or expenses incurred by Pineapple Breakthrough, or its affiliated companies, employees, trustees, agents or/and other related performance assistants (including but not limited to Lawyers’ fees incurred in civil, criminal or administrative procedures), the user shall be liable for damages.

9. Stop or change the service

9.1 "Pineapple Breakthrough" cancels or suspends the user's qualifications or imposes restrictions in accordance with this agreement and various annexes and laws and regulations, and the user shall not ask for compensation or compensation.
9.2 "Pineapple Breakthrough" reserves the right to add, modify or delete all or part of the online game in the future without further individual notice, and the user shall not ask for any compensation or compensation.

10. Advertising information or promotional plans

11. Modification of Terms of Service

Due to the constant changes of users and market conditions, "Pineapple Breakthrough" reserves the right to modify the terms of service at any time. When modifying the terms of service, the game center will announce the fact of the modification on the homepage of the official website of "Pineapple Breakthrough", without giving individual notice to users. . If the user does not agree with the modified content, he can stop using the online game of "Pineapple Breakthrough". If the user continues to use the online game of "Pineapple Breakthrough", it is deemed that the user has accepted the revised content of "Pineapple Breakthrough".

12. Effect of individual clauses

The partial or total invalidity of any provision of these Terms of Service shall not affect the validity of other provisions.

13. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The interpretation, validity and dispute resolution of these Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is any dispute between the two parties regarding the content of this agreement or its implementation, the two parties shall try their best to resolve it through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, any dispute related to this service agreement shall be under the jurisdiction of the people's court where "Pineapple Breakthrough" is located.

14. Copyright Notice

This product and instruction manual are protected by copyright law. All programs and graphic contents may not be copied, reproduced or modified in whole or in part in any way without the written permission of the copyright owner. Users should use this product in accordance with the provisions of the license agreement, and offenders will be held accountable according to law. All related product names, trademarks, brands, and pictures on this product, its packaging, and the manual belong to the original copyright owner or Game Center, and are the property of their respective owners.
The right to amend, publish and interpret these regulations belongs to Pineapple Breakthrough; users who use the online game services provided by Pineapple Breakthrough shall abide by the provisions of these regulations; users are encouraged to make comments or suggestions on these regulations.

3. Privacy Protection

We attach great importance to the protection of your privacy, and your personal privacy information will be protected and regulated in accordance with the "Privacy Policy", please refer to the "Privacy Policy" for details.

4. Other terms

4.1 The headings of all clauses in this agreement are for reading convenience only, have no actual meaning in themselves, and cannot be used as the basis for the interpretation of the meaning of this agreement.
4.2 The terms of this agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, the remaining terms are still valid and binding on both parties.