Core Business

Hong Kong Metaverse Game Co. Ltd. Is a company that strives to create high-quality and fun entertainment game content through a dedicated and innovative research and development spirit; our slogan is that continuously updated independent research and development capabilities are the source of its life.
Hong Kong Metaverse Game Co. Ltd. was established in November 2021. It has a mature technical team and initially established a complete business system. The business modules cover online game publishing, overseas publishing, small games and mobile advertising platforms, chess and card self-research, etc.

Texas Hold'em

Introduction: Texas Hold'em uses 52 playing cards, and each user gets two hole cards and five revealed community cards. In the end, the five community cards and five cards from his own hole cards were selected to make up the largest card to compare the size.
1. Learn to deviate from the community cards to define the range of players' cards
Summarize the player's card style through the previous games. After the player has made a decision, the following questions will make it easier for you to make a decision on the river:
     1) What is the player's hole card range before the flop?
     2) What hole cards will be C-bet or check-betting?
     3) On the turn, what hole cards will the player give up C-bet?
2. Calculate the pot odds ratio when calling or placing a bet
The pot odds are very important for river decision making. On the river, the pot odds ratio can tell you whether to call or fold.
Pot success or failure ratio can be considered as a kind of probability. You can use a formula to determine whether you are calling on the river. If you develop a habit, you will be better able to make decisions on the river:
        Player bet scale ÷ total pot (all bets are calls) x 100

Big pineapple

Introduction: Big Pineapple Poker is a kind of poker game. It is the most eye-catching upgrade variant of the thirteen cards (also known as thirteen cards, thirteen water, thirteen paths, and thirteen branches). There are 52 cards (one deck, except for the size). King), support 2-3 players at the same time
Skills: "Naturally enter" Fantasy cards are still rare after all, so we need to use strategies and skills to enter as much as possible.
Let’s first understand some of the easiest card combinations to enter Fantasy
1. The first QQ, the middle KK or AA, the bottom two pairs or more
2. The first QQ or KK, the middle AA, the bottom two pairs or more
The above two card combinations are the easiest to enter Fantasy. It can also be seen that the three most critical cards to enter Fantasy are A, K, and Q. Then we can analyze some basic logic of card placement, such as Q try to put it in the head;